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Written by fionagan July 5th, 2013

Introduction I have complied my design experience in this online portfolio because I believe this medium is best suited for showcasing documents, photos and videos. This portfolio contains many of my […]

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I have complied my design experience in this online portfolio because I believe this medium is best suited for showcasing documents, photos and videos.

This portfolio contains many of my works from high school to the present day. Please click on the headings to view details on each project.


Group Design Projects:

UTEK: Autonomous Recyclable Sorter 

Since the 60 participants will be formed into groups, come up with a solution to the proposed problem and present it together to be evaluated in a short duration, my experience at the University of Toronto Engineering Kompetitions (UTEK) fit the description exactly … except the venue was in Toronto. In my first year of Engineering Science, I jumped upon hearing about a design competition for juniors, thus I went to the information session and signed up immediately. In a team of 4 first year students, two of which I have never talked to, but we shared our thoughts and interests after the session and were ready to work together on the competition day. On the day of the competition, the problem was announced in the morning and we were given 8 hours to design, build and finally present our solution. We spent about an hour or two familiarizing with the building materials given and brainstorming a feasible and clever solution. Then we got down to our hands and built the sorter together. During construction, we found some of our design concepts to be difficult to implement, thus we had to go back and redesign some parts to meet the requirements. After presenting to a panel of 5 judges, our design was promoted to the next level, we then refined our presentation and presented to another panel of judges. In the end, we came in top 6 and our design was one of the final designs.


AER201: Autonomous Ball-packing Machine & Written Reports

This design project was completed in 4 months with an end result a functional robot. A Request For Proposal (RFP) was given and in a team of 3, we were to research reference designs, building materials and propose a solution in 3 weeks of time. The rest of the semester was spent building and debugging the robot. In relevance to ICDIC, one important component to this design project is professional reports and good engineering documentation. As a group, we have written two 100+ pages reports detailing our design philosophy, reference designs, design selection process, milestones, task-division and budgeting. In addition, I have also kept great documentation in my engineering design notebook, which included sketches, reference designs, calculations, meeting notes, lab notes and receipts. My detailed notes were very helpful in developing new design ideas and for writing the final report. I genuinely enjoyed the project and received an A in the course.


Praxis II – Semi-Vertical Bicycle Parking

A real life problem in Downtown Toronto was given and the solution was required to be safe, environmentally and user-friendly and meet the City’s official guidelines. In a team of 4, this project involved analyzing and framing the RFP to be solved, documenting solutions, building a prototype, designing a poster and present in front of professors and the public media.



Independent Design Projects

Making my own Notebook

My high school agenda was great in helping me remembering tasks and keeping me on schedule  but as an active member in the school and community, I needed a notebook that does more than taking down homework. So I researched and planned out the design, performed some calculations and used my sewing skills to create something truly personal and useful.



Graphic Designs with a Twist

Engineering F!rosh Handbook & Planner

This publication has a strong graphical emphasis on the theme but at the same time, it has to provide useful information to first year students including all commuters, international students, sport lovers and job seekers.


Career Fair Business Development Package*

When designing for a well-branded organization, guidelines must be followed. However, at the same time, the design must display creative and unique elements to differentiate one from another. Due to the nature of the organization and publication, the design itself must appear professional and have a great level of consistency while keeping the reader interested.

* Unfortunately, the content is not available at the moment


“Rite it in ur agenda”

I constantly try to make my design more than just flat shapes and colours. When there is a hidden and relavent message tied into a design, then it is more effective and memorable.




Designer at a Fashion Show

A recording showcasing the fashion pieces,  choreography, music mix and overall performance of my scene.


Dance Solo at Skule’s Got Talent

I believe creativity in engineering design does not only originate or can only be obtained from books or design projects. Mixing the music and choreographing a routine also require brainstorming, planning, experimenting and presenting. Upon hearing a musical piece is like finding a problem, forming the routine is like constructing the solution, modifying the steps is the same as debugging the solution and performing in front of an audience is as if I am presenting my solution orally.



Specific Portfolios

Engineering Design Portfolio

My engineering philosophy and the development of my personal engineering design process with supporting artifacts.


Engineering ePortfolio 

A detailed list of my involvements in high school, community and university.


Personal Information

About Me, About This Site


Name: Xiao Fionna Gan

Discipline: Engineering Science, 1T5


Mobile: 647 · 231 · 1512

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